Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Internships/Independent Study/IDP - original email May 17

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for expressing an interest in working on one of two design-build housing projects being done in partnership with the Laboratory for Innovative Housing (LIH) in the College of Architecture.

The LIH has two distinctly different design-build housing projects planned for this summer. One project is market rate housing in Statesville, near Lake Norman. The lots are large, steeply sloped and wooded. The other project is affordable housing in the Grier Heights neighborhood of Charlotte. The lots are small, irregularly shaped, flat and open. The goal for both of these projects is to design several environmentally sustainable houses, and to assist in the construction of one house for each project.

The original plan was to have UNCC students work in paid internships. Due to requests from several of you, additional arrangements are being made. The plan is to offer paid internships, unpaid internships, IDP credits, or to do the work as an independent study for course credits.

Professor Gentry

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