Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Statesville House 1 Update

Alek K. has taken the lead on the Statesville House 1 project. He has produced a schematic design that is compact and yet aesthetically very pleasing. It steps down the hill, addresses the street, and contains nearly all of the attributes the client requested. I have posted a SketchUp file on the college server.

It is our tentative plan to go to the Statesville site this week and stakeout the house footprint to see how well it fits the site. When we have the date and time set I will let you know.

Grier Heights House 1 Update

Yesterday, I e-mailed the bid set for Grier Heights House 1. A few of you are working on drawings I need to add to the bid set, so if you would get them to me as soon as possible I would appreciate it.

Looking ahead, I have a list of vendors we need to contact for underwriting. I have already called a few of them, and it is my plan to contact a few more this week, but it is a task I would welcome help with. This is something that should have been done at the beginning of the summer so we would know just how much money we have for paid internships.

We are at the point in the Grier Heights project where public awareness is going to start to grow. The Dean and many others in the university administration see the value in this opportunity to showcase what students and faculty in the college can do for the community. For those of you looking to get a foothold in the profession, this is an excellent opportunity to network and get yourself into the lime light. I would much rather have this be a successful student driven project than a one man dog and pony shown.

Weekly progress meeting are now being held on Thursday at 10:00.

More later -