Wednesday, June 4, 2008

blog - June 3


In Carrie Gault's sustainability course we had a class blog where thoughts could be posted and commented on. It was very successful especially at the beginning of the course before studio got hectic. Also, I am working on a project with Deb Ryan where we are exploring the use of web 2.0 technologies to facilitate the planning process. This is just a thought, but perhaps we could have a blog for this project which would allow for a greater deal of collaboration. People could post comments to your postings and ask questions, and we could all benefit. Also, you would be able to moderate the conversation to make sure that it stayed on topic and productive. I would like to hear what other people have to say in response to your emails as well as what questions they are asking. This would also help those of us who cannot all gather to meet about the project to be a bit more involved.


nicole brown

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Nicole said...

Everyone should have just received an invitation to the blog for this project/course.
Please accept the invitation and contribute to the discussions. Feel free to post your own thoughts, comments, questions, and ideas so that we may enjoy a greater sense of collaboration on this project. Because we are not able to all get together and work on this at one time, the blog will help facilitate the sharing of ideas and will strengthen the project overall.

I am in the process now of updating the blog with the emails Thomas has sent out already.

Thanks everyone!