Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Status of Summer Program and Paid Internships - original email May 27

Hello Everyone,

Attached are the letters that went out to our clients for the two projects we are working on this summer. As with any professional project, these documents are for your information and should not be shared with people outside of the program.

Following up on the discussion about paid internships that occurred at today's kickoff meeting, here is what I forgot to mention. Do to how the paid internships are being funded, we will not know the exact amount of money we have to work with until we get to 5th week of the Statesville project and the 6th week of the Grier Heights project. (Please refer to the attached letters for more details about the funding.) All of the work that is done before these dates is to be done by those willing to do unpaid internships and students participating in the program as an independent study. When the paid internships become available, they will go first to those people with the needed skills and availability to work 30 to 40 hours a week. For some of the internships there is the possibility to split the workload and stipend between two or more people. I will give you more information on this subject in the upcoming weeks.

Towards the end of today's site visit we had an informative discussion with Bob regarding his likes and dislikes. It sounds like we have the opportunity to design a unique house. Possibilities include, earth sheltering, green roofs, passive solar, living machines, hybrid cooling and more. This should prove to be an excellent opportunity to showcase your creativity.

Lastly, I also forgot to follow up on my early e-mail regarding a side job working on Bob's house. If you want to make money now and are willing to help Bob repair and remodel his house please contact him and let him know. I have include his v-card.

More later,

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