Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Status of Summer Design-Build Program - May 16

Hello Everyone,

It is Friday evening and I want to bring you up to speed on a few things before I head home for the weekend.

1) A few of you have yet to turn in your information sheets. Please do so next week.

2) During the past week I have been working with various offices at the university to resolve issues regarding insurance, liability and contracts. Hopefully it will all be worked out shortly.

3) For the past few days I have been preparing a letter that outlines the summer program for the affordable housing project. It is my intention use the letter to get everybody that is involved in the program on the same page.

4) This weekend I will write a similar letter for the market rate housing project. I will meet with the client next week to set a start date.

5) Today I exchanged several e-mails with the client wanting to do the affordable housing. It was my hope to start on that project next week. They have requested we get started after Memorial Day.

6) The client wanting to do the market rate housing has a small side job. He want a few people to help his make repairs and improvements to his existing house. He wants to make the house more "green". There will be a limited amount of design work and plenty of hands-on construction work. Please let me know if you are interested.

7) For the summer, room 255 is Storrs has been designated as the temporary office for the Laboratory for Innovative Housing (LIH). Matt Parker is in the process of setting up an e-mail account and a web address for the LIH. If you are interested in helping design a web page for the LIH please let me know.

8) For those of you wanting to participate in the program as an independent study, Redeena has set up the course. The course number is ARCH 4890/6890 Section 005. 4890 is for undergrads and 6890 is for grads. Please let me know if you plan on enrolling.

Have a good weekend,

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